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Susan Stanton, PhD.

Dr. Susan Stanton, PhD. is a senior executive with a unique range of international technical and business experience in product commercialization, technology development and management in the private, public and Susan Stantonuniversity sectors. Throughout her career Susan has demonstrated success in:

  • Leadership of multidisciplinary technical and business teams within complex systems involving industry, university and government personnel to commercialize technology.
  • Development of market focused alliances and business partnerships with public and private organizations to exploit new technology and commercial products.
  • Strategic development of innovative technology and commercial products through global program development with direct customer interaction for successful product launch.
  • Evaluation of research to develop robust, unique patent portfolios.
  • Negotiation of technology acquisition, divestiture and proprietary licensing agreements.
  • Recruiting, developing and mentoring diverse personnel into high performing teams and leaders.
  • Commercializing various technologies into marketable products.

Most recently, Susan has been a principal with SBCi, an independent company providing services for commercializing technology into marketable products. There she developed proprietary processes to identify and prioritize technology and market targets, developed technology strategies based on business plans, evaluated patent portfolios, assessed the commercial viability of technology-based products, defined future financial returns, and commercialized products.

Susan was also Vice President of Technology with Nexicor, LLC. Nexicor is an entrepreneurial company that developed and commercialized innovative fastening technology in the commercial sector. With Nexicor, Susan was recipient of the 2006 New Product of the Year from the National Society of Professional Engineers.

Susan was also Vice President of Market and Technology Assessment for the National Technology Transfer Center in Wheeling West Virginia. The NTTC provides technology assessment and develops partnerships between industry, academia, and government agencies to exploit federally developed technology.

Susan has also held significant positions with Ashland Chemical Company, ALCOA and Bayer USA.

Susan has a PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Rochester, an MPh in organic chemistry from Syracuse University and BS cum laude from Millersville State College.

Susan has five issued patents with over 50 invention disclosures filed. She has written numerous publications and made presentations on scientific topics, technology transfer, intellectual property portfolio analysis, commercialization of technology and business development.